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We are a family of brands  — H&M, COS, Monki, Weekday, & Other Stories, H&M Home, ARKET, Afound, and Itsapark, driven by our desire to make great design available to everyone in a sustainable way. Together we are H&M Group and we offer fashion, design and services, that enable people to be inspired and to express their own personal style, making it easier to live in a more circular way.

We take pride in our history of making fashion accessible to the everyone, and strive to build a more welcoming, inclusive and sustainable industry. Only through our great people and teams will we be able to change the future of fashion.

We aim to be the best employer around, looking after and caring for all our colleagues. We welcome you to be yourself and challenge you to grow and make a difference. You’ll take on new responsibilities from day one, learn skills for life, meet friends completely unlike you that make you feel at home, and start finding ways to make your big dreams come true. Help us reimagine the future of an entire industry by making everyone look, feel and do good.

The dress code is simple: Be proud of where you came from & amazed by where you’ll go.

Be yourself & more at H&M!

Our values, our culture

H&M is a workplace where you’ll join a global fashion family that combines teamwork with individual expression and gives you the challenges and opportunities that can help you learn, grow and succeed. 

We believe in giving people responsibility early on, and a strong sense of ownership. Our business is your business, and when you grow, we grow.  

You’ll find continuous learning opportunities, and colleagues who encourage and support you. You’ll have the chance to explore a wide variety of potential roles that could take you all around the world.

Collaboration & Teamwork

H&M is founded on teamwork –one global team, working together to make people look good & feel good. If you are willing to learn, grow and help our customers and your colleagues, H&M will always be a place for you to both express your individuality and feel like you belong.

Creativity & Combinations

From making high fashion affordable, to combining style and sustainability, we want to highlight the creativity of H&M,and celebrate and encourage creativity among all our co-workers.

Diversity & Inclusivity

It’s our differences that make for a strong team. When unique skills, talents and backgrounds come together, when experience and fresh thinking work side by side, H&M is at it best. We want to make the style and fashion industries more inclusive for everyone, and to achieve that, we need to continue welcoming more voices, more perspectives and greater diversity. To be a place where everyone can be themselves.

Possibilities & opportunities

H&M is a place of possible. A global company where business decisions have a huge impact on the world, and our every action sets an example. But it is also a place of personal growth, where people can start anywhere and grow beyond their imagination. Be yourself & more is an invitation to the many talents inside and outside H&M to grow, make a difference and be part of something bigger.

We offer all our employees generous benefits, lots of learning opportunities and the possibility to either start building a more long-term career, or work flexible hours while you pursue other dreams. We believe in developing our employees for future growth, many of our global leaders started their careers in our stores.

Bring your whole personality to work, stay as long as you want, and grow more than you ever thought was possible.

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Required profiles and skills for candidates

We encourage you to be yourself and to keep an open mind about people and the world around you. Our diversity makes us strong and helps create an inclusive and welcoming workplace where everyone’s individuality is valued.

Driven by our purpose to make it possible for everyone to look, feel and do good, we aim to make the fashion industry more inclusive and sustainable. But it’s a big challenge we’ve set ourselves. It takes a global team of diverse talents, and individuals who are willing to learn, grow and attempt the impossible; to redesign the future of fashion & style.

Experience opportunities to make a difference on a global scale, help us on our most important journey & have fun on the way.

Apply now and find out where your H&M journey can take you.