CV and Cover letter - be attractive

CareerTuesday. A seminar on how to write your CV and Cover letter.



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15:15 to 16:30   CET

CV and Cover letter - be attractive

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About CV and Cover letter - be attractive

What is the Employer looking for in your CV and Cover letter when recruiting? An effective CV/Cover letter will sell your skills and abilities to an employer and help you get an interview. During this workshop you will learn some of the basics of how to write a winning CV/Cover letter and how you can make your existing application more attractive on the Swedish labour market.

You are welcome to make an appointment for an individual CV and job coaching session once you've attended this workshop.

Our goal is to help you increase your chances of getting interviews and your dream job!


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Blåsenhus 12:128, Von Kramers Allé 1, Uppsala, Sweden