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Utnarm 2020

Attend Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students' work fair despite the pandemic!

5 November 9:00 to 16:00   CET

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Organised by Utnarm

Utnarm is Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students’ work fair. Every year we unite companies and students in a number of events and a big fair day. The idea is that new careers, dreams and futures will be created from the gathering. Commitment and personal are two strong words, directly coming from the companies, which value what Utnarm and our students stand for.

This year Utnarm will be on the 5th of November and there will only be a virtual fair. Here is information about the fair: 

How it works:

  • Log in with your UU student account on and start creating your student profile. With a great profile comes great opportunities!
  • One month before the fair most companies have set up their virtual booth, enabling you to prepare yourself for the fair by visting their booths and learning more about them. 
  • 10 days before the fair ALL the companies have set up their booth.
  • The fair's open for a limited amount of hours, therefore it's highly recommended to come prepared. Check out our preparation guide to make sure that you're as ready as possible. 



  • Information about companies is gathered in one place to make it easier for you to read about them and prepare yourself for the virtual fair. 
  • Your student profile makes it easier for both you and the companies to match with each other. 
  • You can attend it no matter where you are.
  • It's more efficient because you don't need to wait in line. 
  • You focus on fewer companies and when asking questions you will immediately get directed to the relevant person for the topic, 
  • Recruiters can go into your profile if you're online and contact you. 


With the virtual fair, you get the opportunity to attend Utnarm no matter where you are. We hope you look forward to the fair as much as we do, see you on the 5th of November!


// Utnarm Committee

#Utnarm 2020




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