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Digital CareerDay 2020

A digital career fair for students within the field of political and social sciences.

9 November 13:00 to 17:00   CET

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Organised by Uppsala Universitet

The event has passed

Career Day 2020 is a one day fair and a chance for you to meet your potential future employers and boost your employability - all from the comfort of your living room! A diverse range of organisations in the sector of foreign politics will be exhibiting in this online event, so if this sounds like an event for you then be sure to register!

Not sure about your future plans? This will help you learn about Swedish and international companies offering amazing career opportunities! So don't miss the chance to further the path to your desired future career!

Our exhibitors include Nobel peace prize winners like World Food Programme and organisations like Thinktanks which entail amazing career opportunities! Taenketanken Tora is a progressive danish up-and-comer.

The staff of the UNHCR takes the lead in protecting the lives of people forced to flee wars and persecution around the world. The refugee question might be the defining question of the last decade. Join Career Day to find out how you can help - from the headquarters of Geneva or in the field.

Maybe you're more interested in a career within the EU? One of our exhibitors is EU careers!

2. Swedish international centre for local democracy
3. Euoropean Parliament Office in Sweden
4. United nations World Food programme
5. ISDP - Institute for Security & Development Policy
6. Akavia
7. Svenska freds
8. FUF - Föreningen för Utvecklingsfrågor
9. Svalorna Latinamerika
10. Taenketanken Tora Danmark
11. Globalportalen
12. Afrikagrupperna
13. Union to Union
14. Drivhuset
15. Akademiförbundet SSR
16. ST
17. Vision fackförbund
19. Swedish international centre for local democracy
20. Peaceworks
21. EU Careers
22. Operation 1325
OXFAM IBIS - Independent activist
Doctors without borders - Peter Moberger
UNDP - United nations development programme
DPCR - Department of Peace and Conflict research

Registration now open on the website!

Arranged by UF, UPaD, UPS, Pax et Bellum and Föreningen Samhällsvetarna

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