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CareerTuesday: Your Cover Letter- be attractive!

What does an employer actually look for in your cover letter?

29 November 16:00 - 16:30 CET

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Organised by UU Careers

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What does an employer actually look for in your cover letter? Do you really need a cover letter and, in that case, for what? How can you create one that really stands out?


In this webinar on how to write a cover letter, we will go through how to create a letter that brings you closer to your dream job. We will also go through how to capture the interest of human recruiters as well as robots, and how you can find and express your strengths to catch a potential employer. After this webinar, you should have all the tools necessary to create an optimal cover letter.


Would you also like to know more about CV-writing? Welcome to also sign up for our CV webinar which takes place just before this webinar, at 15.15.

Target group

This webinar is tailor made for you, student at UU who is looking for full time, part time or summer jobs. 


Career learning outcomes:

  • Basic structure of the cover letter, and creative options
  • A method to find, express and present your strengths and motivators
  • Tools for presenting your best self for an employer


Our goal is to help you increase your chances of getting interviews and your dream job!

You are welcome to make an appointment for an individual job coaching session once you've attended this workshop with UU Careers.


Date: 29/11

Time: 16.00-16.30

Language: English

Practicalities: Sign-up is required to participate and is done here, in the event at Careergate. After you have signed up, a link will be sent to your email adress, the same day as the webinar takes place. Please use Chrome or the Zoom App when entering the meeting. You will find us in the virtual meetingroom at 3.00 pm, the webinar starts at 3.15.

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