The conventional way to getting your first job is this: You browse job ads. You pick out a few where you match the requirement. You spend time on your job applications and updating your CV. Then you send everything off and you just wait…

That’s all fair and nice, but we believe there is an easier way for students and graduates to get in touch with their future employers. After all, we are all spending our time chatting away online at our laptops or texting on our phones - in real-time, with instant responses.


So, why shouldn’t you be able to chat and text with recruiters from companies that may have a job opportunity for you?

 See which companies are LIVE now

You should! And over the past couple of months, we have found a lot of cool companies who think so as well.    

That’s why from mid-August 2017 we will be introducing Graduateland LIVE: A live chat function that will let you know whenever an interesting company wants to talk to YOU.

What you can do with LIVE