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On-line Career Programme for Doctoral Students at UU

A tightly-focused career planning course with core material delivered online, designed Doctoral Students at UU.

12 april 09:00 - 10:00 CEST

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Organiserad av Uppsala Universitet

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Training in Career planning for Doctoral Students at Uppsala University
• A sure way to help you consider methodically your own drivers, strengths, personal priorities and employment options, so you can make active, well-informed career choices. The programme makes no assumptions about career preferences and does not push specific career pathways.
• A structured opportunity to ask yourself searching questions about your future early in your career, to understand the paths that are open to you and establish realistic goals, whether these are within or outside academia.
• Practical training that encourages you to view post-graduate training as a platform for a range of career options, rather than a 'pipeline' into academic pathways where competition is intense.
• Delivered by the researcher training specialists, PostdocTraining, who have been leading career training programmes for doctoral students and postdocs in Sweden since 2014.
• Funded centrally - free of charge to all participants who secure a place and their departments.The programme is in English.

What will the programme do for me?
• Enable you to be clear about where you intend to take your career, and to map where and how you should focus your efforts to accelerate your progress.
• Guide you through a self-assessment process and creating a career plan that aligns with your strengths and personal preferences, using practical exercises and downloadable template tools.These plans capture both specific destinations and actions you need to take to reach your goals.
• Give you the motivation, information and tools you need to take charge of your career, whether you do not yet know your preferred path or you already have a goal and are looking for the best way to reach it.

What won't the programme do?
• Do the tough part for you. It is a part-time, on-demand programme, but there is real work and commitment involved on your part: planning your future is not easy!
• Tell you what jobs are currently available, what to apply for or how to write applications for specific jobs - though it will give you the platorm for making informed choices about these things, including how to present your transferrable skills.
• It is not a part of your PhD studies as such, and will not be part of your individual study plan.
• It is a practically-focused course and does not award study points or lead to a formal certification.
• Participation does not contribute to eligibility for extension of doctoral studentships (förlängning).

Programme timeframe and main elements
• 12 April - 4 June 
• Four modules, in a choice of online text, downloadable PDF and audio formats. One new module is released every two weeks, involving a commitment of about two hours each on average.
• Once published, content is accessible on demand to avoid diverting you from core study and research tasks.
• Three webinars of around 45 minutes each, to allow for live discussion of your questions, career strategies, pathways and key skills to support your progress (4 May, 18 May and 1 June at noon).
• You retain long-term access to all the resources, so you can revisit the modules, download fresh copies of exercise templates and planning tools, and review webinar recordings as you wish.
• The commitment of time required is less than 17 hours over 8 weeks including webinars, even for those taking advantage of 'buddy' arrangements and the programme's private LinkedIn group.

Ready to register your interest?
Do you wish to take part in the programme given the information you've read?
Can you commit to setting aside the time required to participate in the programme as described?

If your answer is 'yes', please register your interest in joining the programme starting in April via the link below, no later than March 26 2021.



For more information

Please contact Anna Westin or Rabbe Hedengren at the Unit for Career and Leadership in Academia

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