Hack the Career Hunt - webinar

A exclusive career webinar for students hosted by Potentialpark.

19 oktober 15:00 - 16:00 CEST

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Organiserad av UU Careers

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This event will explain and elaborate on the cornerstones of Employer & Personal Branding and Talent Communication specifically for the target group of students and graduates. For many young people about to start their careers, information about companies and their culture and ways of working can be overwhelming. It is easy to lose track of what you are looking for and what is important to you.

The following questions will be answered in the presentation:

  • What is employer branding and how do companies introduce themselves to potential employees? Some best practices from selected employers will be shown.
  • Why do companies invest so much money in orientation and presentation as an employer?
  • How can candidates and future talents introduce themselves and stand out from the crowd? For example, by making contacts before the job search - how can this be done on LinkedIn or other professional networks?

The speakers will also provide helpful tips on personal branding and self-presentation on LinkedIn.  Profiles of different people will be analyzed and tips will be given on how to stand out from the crowd. This includes the job search setting, the descriptions on the profile and the profile picture.

This event is conducted by:
Potentialpark, is a market research company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Every year Potentialpark conducts numerous studies with the aim of helping companies with their online communication with candidates*. What are the communication needs of candidates? What is particularly important and what is the competition doing? Especially in times of shortage of skilled workers, etc., these topics are increasingly important.


David Prinz, German Account Manager @Potentialpark

I am David Prinz, Account Manager at Potentialpark; and due to undergoing plenty of job interviews myself, I know how challenging it can be to find the right job for you. Join our webinar to understand the future of Talent Communication.

Anahi Bugnotti, Account Manager @Potentialpark

I am Anahi Bugnotti, a graduate in economic and social sciences and currently working as Account Manager at Potentialpark. The search for the right job is challenging. Face it by participating in our webinar and understand the future of talent communication!


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