Master thesis for a start-up hos Eatit

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Do you like big chunks of data and visualisation? In this project you will develop how Eatit can visualise user data inorder to increase motivation for the users to live a healthier life.

The team consist of two co-founders, a dietitian, a medical doctor and three developers. Eatit is a start-up based in Stockholm working with healthtech and foodtech, at the moment we are seven people working with Eatit. We are searching for a candidate who are interested in coding and huge set´s of data. Our users leave us data about their health and lifestyle that we anaylyse and visulise for them in order for them gain a healthier lifestyle. The visualisation shall be clear, engaging and look grate. 

Eatit has an office in Stockholm and it would be necessary to work from the office 1-2 days a week, the rest of the project can be conducted at any location. 

Apply by sending us an email with your cv or a link to your LinkedIn page. If you have any previous project to show us, include that in the email. The applications are read and decided on as soon as possible, so don´t wait to sent your application. 

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